Investing when equity yields are higher than Treasury yields

We are half way through the year and stocks continue to outperform with very little volatility. As the stock market becomes more volatile, investors tend to get a little nervous. We have had a good run the last eight years and with that the inevitable question always... read more

Is the Stock market due for a Correction?

I can tell you without a doubt that there will be a correction and a great buying opportunity in the stock market.  This will happen and the question is not if but when.  A stock market correction is defined as a drop of 10 percent or more from peak valuations. ... read more

Is there a New Subprime Bubble Brewing?

Does anyone remember the mortgage crisis of 2008?  I do vividly, and I hope we never have to live through a financial crisis of that magnitude ever again.  For many people in the world the fallout from the mortgage crisis was catastrophic.  If there is one thing we... read more

Is it too late to Get Invested in Stocks?

I am fairly certain there are many people who have missed the latest move up in the stock market. Election uncertainty drove many investors to the sidelines in fear of some type of market collapse.  Well here we are three months later and the market continues upward. ... read more

Annuities are a Tax Nightmare

Annuities are sold to investors based on the promise of tax benefits.  I am here to tell you that annuities are more of a liability than a benefit.  Annuities do not provide a tax deduction when you buy them.  The money you invest will grow tax deferred, but is this a... read more

Don’t Get High on Marijuana Stocks

  I felt compelled to write about this topic because it seems like every advertisement I see lately has something to do with Marijuana stocks and how you can get rich quick if you buy them. Let me shed some light on this for you.  If it sounds too good to be true... read more

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