Do You Know How Your Investment Advisor Is Compensated?

Investment advisors come in all shapes and sizes. Some strictly analyze and manage portfolios, while others are involved in more aspects of their client’s financial life such as real estate, retirement, and tax planning. You know exactly what services your investment... read more

The Great Money Decay Caused By Annuities

Not every investment is a smart investment and in most cases, investing in annuities can suck the money right out of your pockets. In fact, annuities benefit the broker selling the annuity more than it does anyone else. Variable annuities, to be specific, often cause... read more

Homeowners Can Pocket More Money Now

Have you been keeping up with Wall Street this week? Certain events that took place are indicating that a recession is on the horizon. Which indicator is blinking red? According to the current bond market, it is cheaper to borrow money for 10 years than it is for 3... read more

Pay Yourself First

Do you find yourself paying off all your bills each month, but not having enough left over to put into your savings? We’re sure you’ve been told several times that allocating a portion of your paycheck into a savings account is very important but why is it so hard to... read more

Frameworks That Make You Money

Warren Buffett, the founder, and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, also known as the Oracle of Omaha, recently gifted us his annual letter. Before its release, investment gurus across the world awaited its pages. This letter conceptualizes important investment themes that... read more

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