Congress is investigating Annuity sales for good reason

Congress is looking into the sales of annuities and it’s about time.  I am all for less regulation from government, but when it comes to this topic I believe that there needs to be more oversight.  I cannot tell you how many annuities I have seen sold to investors... read more

Trump and your Portfolio

  The election is over and the uncertainty of who will be our President the next 4 years is out of the way.  Whether you are happy with the outcome or not, it’s a good time to sit back and reassess your investments.  If you read my article previous to this, I... read more

Volatile Markets create Opportunities

If you read my last article, you would already know that I thought market volatility would increase in October.  Well, it’s happening and now is not the time to panic.  Now is the time to take advantage of opportunities that will increase the overall performance of... read more

Expect Market Volatility to Increase in October

Volatility is the measure of the standard deviation or variance of returns of the market or an individual security.  Simply put, it gauges the overall risk of the market.  If volatility is high, then the market is considered to be a riskier place to be invested.  We... read more

Financial Advisors should be compensated on Performance

  Are you working with a Financial Advisor?  If so, how is that person compensated?  When I started in this business 20 years ago, the only way I made money was if one of my clients placed a trade.  I was young and at the time thought that was a normal way of... read more

Bonds Make Stocks look Cheap

If you read my article a couple weeks ago, you already know I thought the market was going to set a new high before year end.  Well here we are and the market is sitting at all-time highs.  I also said I thought the stock market was expensive, but it was expensive for... read more

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