Investing In Shades of Grey

Thinking in black and white will destroy an investor. As humans, we often think in black and white because our brains prefer decisions that automate daily tasks, a process psychologists call heuristics. It’s human nature to pick either “this extreme” or “that... read more

Suitable Risk Is The Best Risk

Risk is an integral part of investing and when one lacks an understanding about the costs and benefits associated with risks, they are challenging their own prosperity. As an investor, one must have a complete outlook on risk in order to understand the impact it will... read more

You Must Stay Invested To Make Money

Even when the markets are perfectly calm, there is always a headline that evokes concerns about a recession. The Greek default, toxic Chinese debt, and Brexit are all recent phenomena that have induced doubts about the livelihood of this record bull market. These... read more

There Is No Shortcut In Investing

Many people tend to look for shortcuts when investing and often turn to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are low priced investment funds traded on stock exchanges that track the performance of the overall financial market or parts of the market. Many believe that... read more

How Your Business Can Pay For Your Retirement

No matter what size business you own, a corporate retirement plan is the best way to build wealth for retirement, save money on taxes, and retain talented employees. Many business owners, however, shiver at the thought of a corporate retirement plan, such as a 401(k),... read more

Invest In Master Limited Partnerships With Caution

Your investment opportunities in a stock exchange are not limited to only stocks and ETF’s. There are several investment options out there and an important one to know is Master Limited Partnerships (MLP). A MLP is a publicly traded limited partnership, which combines... read more

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