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Where Fogel Capital Management Started

Fogel Capital Management Inc. was started in 1968 by Marvin Fogel as a retirement plan for himself and his partners, a group of physicians at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York.

At that time they named the company Quality Assurance, to coincide with the reputation the physicians had within the medical community. Over the years, the plan performed well, and word spread to other doctors and friends who asked if they could have their assets managed by the company as well. As a result, Marvin employed his wife Charlene to assist him and together they began to grow the company.

Fogel Capital Management’s Beginning

By 1991, the client base had expanded far beyond the original group of physicians, and the New York State Supreme Court began appointing the firm as managers of Minor’s Trusts and Guardianships for physically and mentally impaired children. Four years later, in 1995, the firm expanded outside of New York State.

In that same year, Michael Fogel left his position at Lehman Brothers to join his father’s firm. They decided to name the firm Fogel Capital Management Inc. and they then registered with the United States Security and Exchange Commission. In 1996, Marvin’s daughter, Rachel Tribble joined the firm and brought with her long standing relationships in Indian Country. The firm then expanded its client base to include some Native American Tribes, and in 1999, the family moved the corporate office from New York to Stuart, Florida.

Where We Are Today

Today, Fogel Capital Management maintains its reputation for specializing in the management of conservative, income producing investments for the physically and mentally impaired, as well as high net worth individuals, and of course retirement plans. The employee base has expanded beyond the Fogel family, but the feeling of family has never changed. As successful as the firm has become, don’t be surprised if you call and Michael or Marvin answer the phone.

  • Fogel Capital Management, Inc. (FCM) is a national investment advisory firm registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Our primary operating objective is the growth and preservation of capital with specific reference to overall investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • We are a full service investment advisory firm with a traditional approach to money management.
Fogel Capital Management office

Our Building

The Otto Stypmann House

Est. 1892 Otto Stypmann was one of the first pioneers to settle in the area that is now called Stuart. Originally from Germany, he migrated to New York in 1871. In 1877, Otto’s brother Ernest came across the land along the St. Lucie River while he served as part of the US Geodetic Survey. Ernest urged his brothers to relocate to Florida and in 1883, Otto, his wife Mary and nephew Henry became some of the first non-Native people to live along the river.

Otto and Mary settled the land and when their home was completed, they called it Sans Souci, which means “without care”, and was also the French name of Frederick the II’s palace in Potsdam, Germany.

They planted fields of pineapples and raised their nephew Henry, who was the first child to settle in the area. Later, they would adopt Ernest’s infant daughter after her mother passed away. By 1886, enough pioneers had settled in the area to apply to the US Postal Service for an area post office, which they named Potsdam. When it was approved Otto became the areas first Postmaster. In 1892, his home became the official Post Office until 1894, and in 1897, Ernest Stypmann officially named the land Potsdam, which was the original name of Stuart. In 1913, Otto began to sell off the pineapple farm and focused more on public service. Otto, dedicated the rest of his life to his family and the community. He passed away in January of 1929.

Over the years Otto and Mary’s home remained as a place of residence and later commercial offices. In 1999, the Fogel family moved the corporate office of Fogel Capital Management from New York City to Stuart and purchased the building. When asked why the old building along the St. Lucie River was bought as the Fogel Capital Management office, Michael Fogel replied, “It looks like where I grew up in New York.” Coincidentally, the same area Otto and Mary had lived, before they settled the land along the St. Lucie.

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