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Fogel Capital Management’s Internship Program

Fogel Capital Management’s internship program has continuously been a significant component of its summer operations.

President Michael Fogel is aware of the importance of bringing in top talent to FCM to ensure the firm’s longevity. With this in mind, he has directly run the program for the last four years, working closely with each member to discover every intern’s interests and unique strengths.

Fogel Capital Management Interns

Interning at Fogel Capital Management

With FCM’s goal of finding full-time employees and exploring emerging businesses, this rigorous program tests the capabilities of the summer associates. It tends to steer clear of mundane tasks such as data entry, errands, or paper work. Being at Fogel Capital is a tremendous learning experience that has the internship team experiment in a diverse group of projects; these range from creating financial models, developing and executing a marketing plan, networking, and even going out on sales meetings alone.

The broad spectrum of scopes that this program incorporates makes it the ideal place for passionate and career oriented students to intern at the summer before their senior year. It is a program that accepts students from all different areas of interest but demands ambitious students who believe in themselves.

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