Comprehensive wealth management demands specific skill sets and professional experience with strong backgrounds in financial services, investment management, and fiduciary processes.

The team at Fogel Capital Management brings the necessary expertise to each client’s unique financial situation and ensures that we can work with them to manage complex financial issues. We do not hire outside managers to invest your money. This will allow you to keep more of your hard earned money by not paying any overlapping or hidden fees. We believe that each investor has a unique situation and we will tailor your portfolio to meet your goals and objectives.

Fogel Capital provides advice in the following areas:

Retirement Planning

retirementPlanning for Retirement takes discipline. At Fogel Capital, we have helped many Investors achieve their retirement goals. This process starts with choosing the correct method of saving. Every investor has a unique financial situation, so having a professional guide you toward the right investment vehicle is the most important step in the process. We take a detailed approach to advising our clients as to what type of retirement account fits their unique financial situation. We provide advice on IRA’s, both ROTH and Traditional, 401k’s, Defined Benefit Plans, Defined Contribution Plans, and Profit Sharing Plans. We will help you set up a budget so that saving for retirement is a daily event in your life. We will guide you through all phases of retirement planning, from the accumulation phase all the way to the distribution phase of retirement.

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Personalized Investment Management

personalizedChoosing the right securities to invest in takes research and experience. At Fogel Capital, we take a detailed approach to analyzing each and every investors unique financial situation. Once a thorough analysis of your financial situation is complete, we will construct a Personalized Investment Strategy. We do all of our research in house and do not invest with outside money managers. Our clients hire us to manage their money, and that’s exactly what we do. We have very rigid rules for stock selection that are only in our client’s best interest. We have always taken a conservative approach to stock and bond selection with a primary goal of capital preservation, reasonable growth, and limited risk. All portfolios are continuously tailored to the current and future needs of each individual investor.

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Annuities and Insurance

image013-300x199Annuities can be expensive and difficult to understand. We believe our clients should fully understand each and every investment. Experience has shown that most annuity owners do not understand the product enough to invest. Most of these products are sold by sales people trying to earn a commission. This causes a conflict of interest in our opinion. Fogel Capital has a Certified Financial Planner on staff with 19 years of experience in reviewing these products. It is important to have these contracts reviewed to make sure the investor understands what they own. We will not charge a fee to review your existing policies, it’s a free service we offer whether you are a client or not.

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Trust Administration

image014-300x199Our in house staff has years of experience in Trust Administration. We serve as the Trustee for numerous clients. Utilizing Fogel Capital as trustee will give you the peace of mind that your assets are invested, protected, and transferred as you intend. Naming a fiduciary as trustee helps to eliminate any conflicts that can arise from naming one of your beneficiaries as trustee. We work directly with your estate planning attorney to make sure the wealth transfer process is free from conflict.

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image016-300x199Fogel Capital currently manages over $150 million in Guardianship assets. We have extensive experience in managing money for incapacitated individuals. Fogel Capital is regularly appointed to manage Guardianship assets through the New York Public Access part 36 database. This database recognizes those who have been approved through the New York court system. We combine a wealth of professional investment knowledge and experience, a detailed understanding of court restrictions and procedures, and a focused understanding of the needs of young clients, their families, and their attorneys. The result is a better way to manage personal injury settlements and awards with a primary focus on preservation of capital.

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Estate and Tax Planning

image019-300x199Estate and Tax planning are often overlooked when hiring an Investment Manager. At Fogel Capital, we strive to achieve the most tax-efficient return for each client. We will work side by side with your Tax Advisor and Estate Planning attorney to help you achieve your Estate and Tax Planning objectives.

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Family Office

TW46845-300x199Fogel Capital provides customized solutions exclusively for high net worth families, their offices and foundations. No family situation is the same, so we use a very detailed approach to solving the unique financial needs of these often complex scenarios.

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Experienced Advisors

Our team is comprised of former Wall Street professionals who have over 20 years of investment research experience to make sure all of your financial planning needs are fulfilled.

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