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Corporate Retirement Plans in Stuart

Every business owner should look into the many benefits of sponsoring a corporate retirement plan. For the owner, a good plan can help attract and retain quality employees, the employer contributions are tax deductible, and assets in the plan grow tax-deferred. For the employees, their contributions reduce current taxable income, compounding interest over time allows contributions to grow significantly, and they have an opportunity to improve financial security in retirement.

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Qualified Retirement Plans

Qualified retirement plans are complex, with many important rules and testing you need to adhere by. At Fogel Capital Management, we are not only experienced 401k plan fiduciaries, but we also offer detailed plan proposals that are customized to your business. We provide a detailed review of the tax structure and contribution levels for the employer and employees while also taking the time to educate your employees not only on how the plan works but also how much it increases the odds of a successful retirement. Fogel Capital would like the opportunity to show you how we can place your business on a path for success. Call our office for a FREE Corporate Retirement Plan proposal today!

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