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Fogel Capital Currently Manages over $150 Million in Guardianship Assets

Over the past 20 years, Fogel Capital has had extensive experience handling Guardianship cases resulting from Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury lawsuits. A Guardianship is set in place after an individual under the age of 18 is involved in an accident causing permanent injury, as the individual is unable to manage the assets from the settlement. Following a lawsuit, the money awarded to the client is restricted and mandated by the court.

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Knowledgeable and Experienced Trustees

Appointed to the New York State Supreme Court as fiduciaries, we have the ability to act as Trustees or Co-Guardians in cases of incapacitated minors. Our role as the Guardian or Trustee provides us with the responsibility to manage the client’s settlement and act in their best interest. We combine a wealth of professional investment knowledge and experience, a detailed understanding of court restrictions and procedures, and a focused understanding of the needs of young clients, their families, and their attorneys. The result is a better way to manage personal settlements and awards with a primary focus on preservation of capital.

Fogel Capital Management Makes It Easy

When something terrible happens to a loved one, you are not given a handbook on how to navigate the path ahead. At Fogel Capital Management, our clients’ ease of mind and satisfaction is reflective of the importance we place upon communication with our clients and attention to their accounts.

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