Financial and Investment Advisors in Stuart

Choosing the right securities to invest in takes research and experience.

Three investment advisors in Stuart looking at paperworkAt Fogel Capital, we take a detailed approach to analyzing each and every investors unique financial situation. Once a thorough analysis of your financial situation is complete, we will construct a Personalized Investment Strategy. We do all of our research in house and do not invest with outside money managers. Our clients hire us to manage their money, and that’s exactly what we do. We have very rigid rules for stock selection that are only in our client’s best interest. We have always taken a conservative approach to stock and bond selection with a primary goal of capital preservation, reasonable growth, and limited risk. All portfolios are continuously tailored to the current and future needs of each individual investor.

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Falcon Fund

Our fund delivers higher returns with lower risk. Read more about why this fund is a great solution for many wise investors here…

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