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Who We Serve and How We Can Help

By Max Fogel How many times have we all found ourselves scrolling through reviews on Amazon, Google, and Yelp, trying to decide which product to buy or where to go out to eat? In our digitally dependent world, we are surrounded by many choices and infinite ways to vet those choices. Unfortunately, the most impactful […]

What Should I do with my 401(k)

Times like these remind us of how fragile the global financial system can be, and how quickly general sentiment can switch from risk on to risk-off. If you find yourself asking, “What should I do with my 401(k)?” you are not alone, this is one of the more common questions we have been receiving lately, […]

Fogel Capital takes a look at the Oil ETF Blowup

An ETF is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges that provides an easy avenue for investors to gain exposure to the markets without allocating time and effort into researching and purchasing any single company. But things can become much more complicated when the ETF owns the complex, sector-specific instruments such as futures contracts. An […]

Fogel Capital takes a look at KKR & Co. Inc.

If you’re a retail investor, an individual who invests for his or her own personal account, private equity powerhouse KKR & Co. Inc. is one of the most attractive investments you can make. To fully understand why, let’s take a look at the history surrounding this firm, the private equity culture altogether, and how KKR […]

Do you know how your Investment Advisor is compensated?

The investment advisor field consists of a variety of professionals. Some strictly analyze and manage portfolios, while others are involved in more aspects of the client’s financial life such as real estate, retirement, and tax planning. Some of these professionals are “fee-only” (or fee-based), where they charge a flat rate for their advisory services. Others […]

A High Yield Opportunity in MLP’s

The oil market has been battered since the collapse of oil prices in 2015. We published articles in the month’s prior warning readers of the oncoming downturn in the oil market. However, we are now beginning to see opportunities in the heavily discounted sector, specifically in master limited partnerships, or MLP’s. Before we discuss how […]

Streaming Wars

One of the major trends that investors are going to be watching throughout 2020 and beyond is which company comes out on top of the increasingly competitive streaming wars. The industry, historically dominated by Netflix, has seen an influx of major competitors with the goal of capturing the market share of streaming subscribers. By next […]

Avoid Having your Payroll Provider Manage your 401k for These Reasons

Every business owner should look into the many benefits of sponsoring a corporate retirement plan. For the owner, a good plan can help attract and retain quality employees, the employer contributions are tax deductible, and assets in the plan grow tax-deferred. For the employees, their contributions reduce current taxable income, compounding interest over time allows […]

It’s Time To Start Enjoying Life

Money may not buy happiness, but I think we can all agree that it helps us enjoy a better quality of life. A life where we can travel often, order whatever we want off the menu, sit front-row at our favorite concert, you get the picture. None of that is possible, however, if at the […]