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One Size Does Not Fit All In Investing

In this day and age, we have the technology to access data instantly. There is an abundance of gadgets and tools that we consume on a daily basis which makes accessing information second nature. As technology continues to progress, we have seen a growing number of robo-advisors, computer automated investments, making their way into the […]

Better Results From Investment Decisions

The foundation for making better investments requires research and data analysis. The next step entails synthesizing the data from your research into actionable information, which will then equip you with the knowledge needed to make the right investments. The efforts to analyze this information can be time-consuming but well worth the effort. At Fogel Capital […]

Creating Wealth in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

As an investor, it is important to understand how interest rates affect bonds. For instance, rising interest rates due to inflation generally put downward pressure on the price of bonds. Knowing this information is imperative so you can understand when to invest in specific interest-bearing instruments, such as corporate bonds and treasuries. A yield curve, […]

Building Wealth through Business Retirement Saving

Many Americans do not save enough, especially for retirement. In fact, over half of households aged 55 to 64 have no retirement savings according to a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve in 2013. Individuals, however, are not the only ones who lack in retirement savings. More than 50 percent of business owners, including those […]

Studying the Market for a Good Investment

Studying the supply and demand of markets can give you great insight as to whether a market will move higher or lower. Divergence Analysis is a method of evaluating supply and demand information and recognizing market forces that are moving in opposite directions. What does this mean for you? Divergence Analysis can be a great […]

Investing in Perceived Danger

Investing in today’s current market environment requires a “true investor” mindset. Contrary to human nature, investors must run into perceived danger and avoid perceived safety. Unfortunately for individuals, placing their hard earned savings in investment accounts presents a conundrum where perceived danger creates opportunity and perceived safety is fraught with danger. A true investor is […]

When the Market is High, Should I invest?

The question of whether to purchase investments when the market is at new highs can appear to be difficult. Only after examining the facts and implementing a sound strategy can this decision be made. The facts remain that if you invested at the absolute high of the market, your returns are still healthy over a […]

What is Part 36 and why does it matter?

In many medical malpractice cases, after the incapacitated person receives a certain amount of money, that money must be put in a secure place (preferably an article 81 guardianship or trust). In doing so, a trustee or a guardian must be appointed to ensure that the funds are prudently invested and that the client’s needs […]

Securities Act of 1933: Making Investors Confident

The U.S. stock market underwent rapid expansion during the 1920s. Post World War I, companies were thriving, as exports to Europe, were high and unemployment was low. Heavy economic growth created overconfidence in the stock market; most of the public was participating in stock valuation as a simple, pleasurable pastime. Stock purchasing was based on […]