Better Results From Investment Decisions

The foundation for making better investments requires research and data analysis. The next step entails synthesizing the data from your research into actionable information, which will then equip you with the knowledge needed to make the right investments. The efforts to analyze this information can be time-consuming but well worth the effort.

At Fogel Capital Management, we research data on investments and markets every day in an ongoing effort to create actionable information. The investment data can range from company-specific news and historical balance sheet data to estimates of earnings, dividends, and growth. Evaluating this data to generate actionable information in the investment process requires the use of sophisticated software, computer systems, and talented staff. Using these tools to verify every data point, our team can accomplish the goal of creating meaningful, actionable information.

The first step in creating actionable information is to eliminate issues that detract from our research. Some of these issues which are overlooked by individual investors include oversight, misinformation, misunderstanding, and impulse. By verifying and comparing the information to historical events, we eliminate oversight and misinformation, which gives us a deeper understanding of the data. Mike Myatt, discusses this idea of making better investment decisions by transforming data into knowledge in his article 6 Tips for Making Better Decisions. Although creating actionable information is a time-consuming process, we develop the knowledge needed to make better investments.

Through analysis, we have uncovered products which pay dividends larger than expected. We have found rates of return that are above what most investors think the company is capable of generating. Over the years, we have uncovered markets that have been oversupplied in oil and undersupplied in information technology, leading to substantial investments in Microsoft, Google, and Intel. This constant review of data created great investments at Fogel Capital Management including selling all of our oil limited partnerships in 2014 before the drop in oil (read more here). Knowledge is power, and we strive to create that power from our actionable information every day.

Fogel Capital Management utilizes this method of analyzing data and creating actionable information to hone our knowledge of markets and individual investments. By removing the uncertainty from information, we enhance the quality of our expertise. Our refined market knowledge allows us to make better investment decisions, which is a priority for us at Fogel Capital Management, Inc. If you would like to see this process at work, we will review your portfolio, and you can look at the results first hand. Please call Michael Fogel, President of Fogel Capital Management, Inc. at (772) 223-9686.

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