One Size Does Not Fit All In Investing

In this day and age, we have the technology to access data instantly. There is an abundance of gadgets and tools that we consume on a daily basis which makes accessing information second nature. As technology continues to progress, we have seen a growing number of robo-advisors, computer automated investments, making their way into the financial advisory world. These robo-advisors are centered around the idea that anyone can invest in basic portfolios at a low cost. This technology has a “set it and forget it” mantra when it comes to your investment portfolio, meaning that they do not find it necessary to personalize your investments. With only a few simple questions, robo-advisors gauge your investment risk tolerance and put you into a passively managed allocation of investments.

Robo-advisors make investing seem quick and easy as if they are bringing the convenience of Amazon to investing. However, convenience in investing merely does not exist. There is no one size fits all. Each person has a unique financial situation which requires different investment strategies. An advisor has the background and knowledge of identifying shifts and trends in market conditions, a skill that takes time to develop. Investing takes time, it takes learning from mistakes and knowing the psychology of human tendencies. Although investing through robo-advisors might seem like a smart idea at first, their computer automated algorithms do not take into account variables in your life, for instance, illness or divorce, the same way a financial advisor would. These life changes can greatly affect your investment strategies and a robo-advisor lacks the capability to understand your personal situation to pivot your financial plan.

Here at Fogel Capital Management, we understand the importance of having a financial plan that is personalized to each client. Our team is dedicated to learning about your financial situation and understanding how we can help you reach your financial goals. With the help of our constantly improving technological resources, we can ensure a full understanding of data and research that bolster the financial services we offer. This technology, coupled with our commitment to research allows us to make the best investments possible for our clients. We do the hard work for you so that you can have peace of mind about the future. Call us today at (772) 223-9686 for a free consultation.

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